The Building on Excellence campaign is lead by many exuberant volunteers who are graciously donating their resources to this important project. We are grateful to each of these women for their leadership and guidance as we work to build a new home for Gamma Iota. Some of them are helping in a specific city/region, some in a particular pledge/Alpha class, but all of them are doing wonderful work for Gamma Iota.

One special note: With so many moving parts and so many women who are passionate about helping the chapter, please forgive us if more than one of our well-meaning sisters reaches out to you about the campaign. They are doing their best to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in this historical project, so please take it simply as a sign of great enthusiasm for Gamma Iota’s new home if you are contacted by more than one sister!

 Also, please keep in mind that you may apportion your gift in any way you like. If you are asked to support a city/regional effort as well as a pledge/Alpha class effort, feel free to allocate your campaign contribution in any percentage you like to each.

Please join us in thanking these women, and the many others who are assisting with city/regional or pledge/Alpha class projects, for their kind service to Gamma Iota:

Honorary Chairs:

Lois Wilhelm Appleby (1958), Vero Beach, FL

Betty Hall Wood (1948), Tampa, FL

Campaign Committee Chairs

Elizabeth Giordano Mackie (2000), Tampa, FL

Andrea Rottensteiner Webb (2001), Tampa, FL

Campaign Committee

Emily Benson Buskirk (1964), Bradenton, FL & Highlands, NC

Pat McCoy Carlson (1971), Fernandina Beach, FL

Betsy Wood Chambers (1975), Tampa, FL

Susan Kennedy Curtis (1991), Windermere, FL

Elizabeth Speed Diersing (1998), Jacksonville, FL

Ruth Taylor Giordano (1976), Tampa, FL

Linda Dickerson Gleiter (1969), Alpharetta, GA

Lois Ottinger Gonzalez (1967), Temple Terrace, FL

Alexandra McNees Greene (1980), Fountain Hills, AZ

Laura Smith Hatch (2003) Laguna Beach, CA

Callie Criser Hugo (2006), Jacksonville, FL

Mary Fanizzi Krystoff (1980), Sea Ranch Lakes

Kay Melton Losson (1965), Miramar Beach, FL

Sherri Denton Mallory (1983), Lynn Haven, FL

Sally Short Matson (1980), Coral Gables

Jenifer Cullis Ownby (1974), Tampa, FL

Noelle Spencer (2013), Washington, D.C.

Mary Beth Savary Taylor (1980), Vienna, VA

Alice Tinkham Trice (1950), Tampa, FL

Barbara Barrett Wallace (1960), Lehigh Acres, FL