A sister would write a note with cut out letters from a magazine so it would be secret and the handwriting would not be recognized. That night we are all in a circle waiting in anticipation. Once around, a sister was lavaliered, two times pinned, and three times engaged!!

— Cristy, 1979

“The Fishbowl”

I absolutely loved coming home from afternoon home football games and everyone would gather in the fish bowl to re-hash the day’s events, laugh and eat copious amounts of pizza and bread sticks.

— Hilary, AC '97


“Pi Potty Press”

I loved the Pi Potty Press where we read the gossip from the weekend before, and yelling "flushing" so those in the shower wouldn't get scalded.

— Robbie, PC '85

“Pledge Retreat”

I'll never forget our Pledge Retreat weekend which my mom (also an ADPi) bravely hosted at our home...for all 59 pledges!!!!  Sleeping bags EVERYWHERE, lots of sister bonding and getting to know each other...precious memories!

— Elisa, PC '89

A few years ago, my son became ill and spent many months in the hospital. My sisters organized the most amazing gift. For five months, every week a different sister sent our family a care box with gifts for my healthy child and my ill son, and for our family. It brought so much joy to my children during such a difficult period in our lives. Each week I cried reading the sweet cards, looking at the pictures enclosed, and watching the 1999 Rush video one sister enclosed.
ADPi friendships are for life!
— Priscilla, AC '96

“Life-long friendships”

I cherish the friendships that I made in my college days at ADPi.  Twenty plus years later, we still keep in touch and take girl trips together.. 

— Daniela, AC '94

“Home away from home”

Some of my favorite memories come from my four years at Gamma Iota! And that is why it is such an honor to now serve on the advisory board for the chapter to give back to my home away from home during my time at UF.

— Christie, AC '01

Our dinner tradition was one of my most treasured times. We would follow Mother Skinner into the dining room ...We would sing the ADPi Blessing. Then the ADPi busboys, would bring the platters of the best southern cooking one ever had...After dinner, the president would make announcements...Then we would sing at least three of our ADPi songs.
Mother Skinner would light up her cigarette in her long black cigarette holder that accentuated her ruby red lipstick. When she finished smoking, it was the signal of dismissal.
My wish is for a dining room to hold all of today’s sisters together!
— Mary Jo, '66

“The Fishbowl!”

Long talks, 24 hr a day bridge games, pillow fights!

— Lohse, '67

“Bid Day!”

I loved bid day when all the pledges arrived and we took group pics and then celebrated.

— Sue, 1978



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